Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Welcome to telisamajmatrimony.com. In order to use the telisamajmatrimony.com Site ("Site"), you must register as a member of the Site ("Member"). The Member or any users using the Site agree to be bound by these Terms of Use ("Agreement"). If you wish to become a Member and communicate with other Members and make use of the telisamajmatrimony.com service ("Service"), read these Terms of Use and follow the instructions in the Registration process. This Agreement sets out the legally binding terms for your membership. This Agreement may be modified by telisamajmatrimony.com from time to time.


To register as a member of telisamajmatrimony.com or use this Site, you must be of legal marriageable age as per the laws of India (currently, 18 years or over for females and 21 years or over for males). The telisamajmatrimony.com Site is only to facilitate lawful marriages between persons who are legally competent to enter into matrimony under the laws to which they are subject. Membership in the Service is void where prohibited. By using this Site, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, and legal capacity to enter into this Agreement and that you are not prohibited or prevented by any applicable law for the time being in force or any order or decree or injunction from any court, tribunal or any such competent authority restraining you from entering into matrimony. You also agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If at any time telisamajmatrimony.com is of the opinion (in its sole discretion) or has any reason to believe that you are not eligible to become a member or that you have made any misrepresentation about your eligibility, telisamajmatrimony.com reserves the right to forthwith terminate your membership and / or your right to use the Service


We expect that you would complete the online registration process with fairness and honesty   while furnishing your personal information to telisamajmatrimony.com. You would appreciate that efficient and effective match making through our automated system depend upon yourself furnishing   true, accurate, current, complete information and photos etc. We expect you to read the relevant column before keying in the details or selecting the option available or uploading the photo. You are requested not to key in details of the profile in field other than the applicable field (including mentioning id's of other platforms/websites/ applications) or repeating your details in another fields, after filling them once in the relevant fields or others photographs. You further undertake that you alone shall be responsible or liable for any information provided to telisamajmatrimony.com. In order to serve you better if telisamajmatrimony.com requires additional details, you agree to provide it. telisamajmatrimony.com shall reproduce the registered member details on "as it is available" basis to other registered members, and telisamajmatrimony.com members shall be solely liable for the information given by such telisamajmatrimony.com member. You may also give a missed call to any of our outlets phone number for us to call you back and assist you in getting your profile registered on our website. Further you may fill in your email id and phone number in any of our registration campaigns appearing in various websites as part of our advertisements, On that basis by which you may receive call from our Customer Service Center and they will assist you in getting your profile registered on our website. telisamajmatrimony.com may also reproduce your profile information in other consortium of websites owned by MCL to provide better prospects to you

If at any point of time telisamajmatrimony.com comes to know or is so informed by third party or has reasons to believe that any information provided by you for registration (including photos) or otherwise is found to be untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete then telisamajmatrimony.com shall have full right to suspend or terminate (without any notice) your telisamajmatrimony.com membership and forfeit any amount paid by you towards telisamajmatrimony.com membership fee and refuse to provide telisamajmatrimony.com service to you thereafter.

telisamajmatrimony.com Membership is restricted strictly to the registered telisamajmatrimony.com individual member only. Organizations, companies, businesses and/or individuals carrying on similar or competitive business cannot become Members of telisamajmatrimony.com and nor use the telisamajmatrimony.com Service or telisamajmatrimony.com members data for any commercial purpose, and telisamajmatrimony.com reserves its right to initiate appropriate legal action for breach of these obligation.


 You may terminate your membership at any time, for any reason by writing to telisamajmatrimony.com . after logging in to site using your credentials. if found in breach of these terms telisamajmatrimony.com may terminate your membership/ remove profile/ block access to the Site with or without sending notice to you at the email address you provide in your application for membership or such other email address as you may later provide to telisamajmatrimony.com.Even after this Agreement is terminated, certain provisions will remain in effect including sections 4,5,7,9 -14, inclusive, of this Agreement.

Non-Commercial Use by Members. The telisamajmatrimony.com Site is for the personal use of individual members only, and cannot be used in connection with any commercial endeavors. This includes providing links to other web sites, whether deemed competitive to telisamajmatrimony.com or otherwise. Organizations, companies, and/or businesses cannot become Members of telisamajmatrimony.com and should not use the telisamajmatrimony.com Service or Site for any purpose. Illegal and/or unauthorized uses of the Site, including unauthorized framing of or linking to the Site will be investigated, and appropriate legal action will be taken, including without limitation, civil, criminal, and injunctive redress.

 Content Right

  1. You acknowledge that you are responsible for the content (mandatory or optional content you provided on our website) and information including the profile details, photograph and other content(s) keyed in the relevant field of the Website at the time of the creation of the com profile or subsequently modified by you and also for all the post and communication (including personalized messages sent by telisamajmatrimony.com paid members) with other member(s). You hereby represent and warrant that you own all rights, title and interest in your content/information or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to provide the said content/information. However, by sutelisamajmatrimony.com fitting the content/information to telisamajmatrimony.com, you hereby grant telisamajmatrimony.com a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, publish, communicate to the public, law enforcement agencies, courts, and the telisamajmatrimony.com business and services, including without limitation for promoting, communicating to the public and redistributing part or all of the content/information (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels. telisamajmatrimony.com also reserves the right to block the registration of your profile on website, if any, in the case of your contact details/links being entered in irrelevant fields or if there are errors in data entered by the telisamajmatrimony.com members in their profile.
  2. While com does not accept any obligation to monitor the content/information, if the content/information is found not to be in compliance with these Terms, then telisamajmatrimony.com may delete the content/information and / or terminate or suspend your registration or (without a refund of any subscription paid by you in terms of clause 2 (b) of these terms and conditions). You agree that if the situation warrants telisamajmatrimony.com may at its sole discretion put restriction on any TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM member to other member's communications on the Website.
  3. com reserves the right to suspend/delete the profile of the users who appropriate the name, likeness, email address, contact no or other personally identifiable information of another individual and telisamajmatrimony.com also reserves its right to initiate appropriate legal action against such individual/organization, as and when TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM get the knowledge of the same.
  4. COM is a brand owned by TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM. TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM owns, retains and has complete rights in telisamajmatrimony.com and the telisamajmatrimony.com Service.
  5. COM reserves the right to proceed/initiate appropriate steps under the prevailing law against infringement by violators of the its proprietary rights or for illegally copying, modifying, publishing, transmitting, distributing, performing, displaying, or selling of any such proprietary information including using it for commercial purpose in any manner whatsoever.
  6. In the event we get a complaint against you and consequently we have suspended/deleted your profile in good faith, then we shall not be liable to you in any manner whatsoever, including for any loss, costs, expenses, or consequence, if any.

Third Party website

  1. COM member understand and agree that TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM  may allow third parties to put up advertisements on the TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM  application/Website, and TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM  does not control the contents of such third party advertisement on the TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM  application/Website. Third party websites to which links are given on Website are not governed by these Terms and conditions and all such third party websites are governed by their own terms and conditions for use and privacy policy, and in case of conflict the terms and conditions of the third party website shall prevail. MCL does not in any manner whatsoever authenticate, endorse, verify or certify these third party websites or any contents therein. Please note that a user shall click on links to third party websites at his / her sole risk and responsibility.
  2. The TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM members agrees and understands that TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM  may also allow third parties to provide TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM  members services on the website like horoscope matching etc., and TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM  may also collect the payment for such third party services to you, and TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM  in this regard can have revenue sharing arrangement with the such third party, however in no event shall TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM  be liable to you for such third party services.
  3. TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM reserves the right to add/delete/alter/modify/suspend any or all the TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM  Services at any time as it       may deem fit, without notice. The TELISAMAJMATRIMONY.COM  members are expected to see the change on the Website.


 Telisamajmatrimony.com  is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate Content posted on the Site or in connection with the Telisamajmatrimony.com  Service, whether caused by Users, Members or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Service, nor for the conduct of any User and/or Member of the Telisamajmatrimony.com  Service whether online or offline. Telisamajmatrimony.com  assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, User and/or Member communications or any communications by Telisamajmatrimony.com  to its Members. Telisamajmatrimony.com  is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line-systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of email or players on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any web site or combination thereof, including injury or damage to Users and/or Members or to any other person's computer related to or resulting from participating or downloading materials in connection with the Telisamajmatrimony.com  Site and/or in connection with the Telisamajmatrimony.com  Service. Under no circumstances will Telisamajmatrimony.com  be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from anyone's use of the Site or the Service and/or any Content posted on the Telisamajmatrimony.com  Site or transmitted to Telisamajmatrimony.com  Members. The exchange of matrimonial profile(s) through or by "Telisamajmatrimony.com " is not a matrimonial offer and/or recommendation from/by Telisamajmatrimony.com . Telisamajmatrimony.com  shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any individual arising out of, or subsequent to, any relations (including but not limited to matrimonial relations) established pursuant to the use of Telisamajmatrimony.com . The Site and the Service are provided "AS-IS" and Telisamajmatrimony.com  expressly disclaims any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. Telisamajmatrimony.com  cannot guarantee and does not promise any specific results from use of the Site and/or the Telisamajmatrimony.com  Service.

Telisamajmatrimony.com  expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility whatsoever and howsoever arising as a result of any Content posted on the Site / made available to Telisamajmatrimony.com  by any Members or the users of the Site or any third party. Telisamajmatrimony.com  does not assume any responsibility or liability for any illegal Content posted on the Site by any Members, users or any third party. All liability, whether civil or criminal arising out of any Content that is Posted on the Site will be of that Member / user / third party who has Posted such Content and Telisamajmatrimony.com  reserves its right to claim damages from such Member/ user / third party that it may suffer as a result of such Content Posted on the Site. Telisamajmatrimony.com  does not claim ownership of Content you sutelisamajmatrimony.com it or make available for inclusion on the Service.

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